‘” Welcome to The Scentery, my home based retirement ad”venture”.

I craft small batch aromatics (think customized aromatherapy) for your bath, body & home.  Every item is crafted using quality, natural ingredients with the specific objective of stirring and soothing the senses while using.  Each batch is made from scratch and no two batches are exactly alike, hence please expect variations.  My products are made with natural ingredients (some from my own garden) that change with the seasons.  Although my products smell good enough to eat, they are intended for external use only.  My uniquely brewed and crafted creations are perfect for personal use and make wonderful & mindful gifts

Are you ready to learn more? Here are a few links to experience and learn more about The Scentery.

Smells are surer than sounds or sights to make your heart-strings crack ~Rudyard Kipling