In my last  blog I explained the difference between my Shampoo Bars and Soaps, and If you follow me on Facebook, you know how the weather can create havoc with my goodies.  This month I thought I’d let you in on other crafting secrets.

Did you know I use a variety of produce and garden ingredients in my goodies and bake my bath salts, bath bombs and shower steamers? No, you wouldn’t want to eat my products but why bake them, you ask?  

Not only does it make my whole house smell incredible, but  baking prevents the different salts and minerals from clumping and getting hard.  Steamers and bombs benefit from baking because it helps them harden and protects them a bit from the humidity and temperature swings that can cause them to crumble. 

As for the produce products and ingredients that I use; you will find carrot, beet root, egg plant, pumpkin, sweet pea and more. Plus, I use a variety of nuts and seeds, like poppy, almond, oats and coffee. Sometimes I even use a few ingredients from my own garden like lavender, rosemary and dried flowers. All these ingredients are used in a variety of combinations to create my salts, scrubs, shampoo bars, soaps, sprays, steamers and so much more. 

It Smells so Good!