An interested customer recently asked me what the difference is between my shampoo bars and soap, so I thought I’d share my answer.

While the ingredients used in crafting my natural shampoo bars may look very similar to a soap bar, I use different formulations when designing my shampoo bars. The proportions of base butters, the use of extra oils (or “superfatting”), and the way in which I use other natural ingredients like vitamins, botanicals, and essential oils in my shampoo bars are different than in a soap bar.

One example of this is how I use Jojoba oil in my shampoo bars. It’s a wonderful addition and its composition closely resembles the natural sebum produced by the scalp. Jojoba, a lubricant and emollient, may actually help repair damaged hair shafts and protect them from environmental damage as well.

Other examples include the use of Shea and Cocoa butters to help moisturize, Aloe is used for hydration, and Tea Tree for more deep cleaning. These variations and specialty ingredients are designed for hair and allow me to uniquely create products according to hair type (e.g., dry, normal, oily, damaged, or aging). These ingredients, when used appropriately, are incredibly effective!